Flyleaf Theater Company


Impacting the Community through Thoughtful Theater

The Flyleaf Theater Company is an ensemble troupe bringing thought-provoking and cutting-edge theater to our communities.  Our productions are selected to provide dramatic experiences through musicals and plays that are rarely presented in the community theater setting.  Such productions often focus around contemporary social issues such as identity, mental health, and society as well as reinterpreting the classics.  We balance our season to ensure that these performances and discussion engage rather than distance our audience.

Our goal is to produce theater that inspires the audience, students, actors, and production staffs to imagin, analyze, question, and discuss the messages and neanings of the scripts and our interpretations.  Flyleaf runs and Education Workshop Series, a Concert Series, an Original Works Series, a Mainstage Series, and a Special Events Series.  Our Original Works Series fosters opportunities for up-and-coming writers to put their scripts on stage for the first time.

Flyleaf needs your help to further fund our mission and to bring these rarely seen and very important productions and educational opportunities to our area.  Theater is an ideal avenue to engender conversation and discovery about our society and diverse communities. 

How much does putting on a show actually cost?

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Flyleaf's Impacting the Community Through Thoughtful Theater campaign.

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